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Taiwan AV Actress Video Interview

May 27, 2006 20065 8:25 am | In Uncategorized | 3 Comments Well, this interview sheds some light on the Japanese AV industry from a Taiwanese AV idol, Hinano Mizuki's point of view. I'll try to translate as much as I can, but since my Chinese is not very good, I'll try my best: Part 1:
Talks about how long an average guy can make love - 10 minutes but it can be trained. Some of the male stars can do it for 45 minutes to 1 hour without any medication/aids 'cos they are too used to it. Then, they moved on to talk about orgasm like the differences between a man (one-time-kau-tim) and a woman's (can happen alot of times). And they asked if the whole movie is "real" and she said yes, everything you see, the ins and outs are real & she's responsible for making the guy "reach". Also, she revealed that she has done 50 titles and she talked about some guys who can do it 12 times one after another. Part 2:
Talks about girl-on-girl, how it feels like (apparently it's good 'cos she was smiling sweetly and all) and then, they moved on to the weird things/fetish e.g. watching a girl pee, eat faeces, etc. But she said that the faeces is actually not shit, it's tofu with chocolate, and some colouring and they just act out the rest. Then talk about multiple partners and all, uniformed themes, etc. Part 3:
In this part, she talks about her experiences in Japan as a Taiwanese, how she's treated, etc and how she really felt during the filming, what are her limits (e.g. no animals, etc) and more. The TV hosts also ask about the salary and she said it's quite alot and gave the example of the top AV idol (can't catch who she said) who earns a cool 5 million Taiwan dollars per movie! And a week old underwear can be sold for 100K yen to these perverts! Also, she said that in a typical train carriage 8 out of 10 girls are involved in the AV industry (not all hardcore, some softcore, etc) Then, they asked her when she started dating and lost her virginity, etc. Part 4: She'll pretend to "act out" a scene but with clothes on, file's too big for YouTube, so it's here: Download Link Basically in this part, she'll talk about how it's possible to act out the scenes and it's not necessary for you to "feel" it during the filming. Then, the other TV hosts asked about the myths about the size of a man's thing e.g. bigger nose with high bridge = huge one or the arm's length, etc. But basically, she said that size doesn't matter and alot of those myths are not true. Most likely, I've missed out some parts so you'll have to watch it all yourself. It's pretty interesting, no nudity at all and I think the TV hosts are really good in not making her feel awkward and all. Also kudos to her for being so brave to come and tell us her story. To download all 4 videos, check this link.

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  1. interesting indeed …

    the lady in brown has a very nice cleavage

    Comment by earl-ku — May 27, 2006 #

  2. lol…she's no porn star though..think her name's victoria or something

    Comment by boringest — May 27, 2006 #

  3. Dude, can I have the download links for all 4 parts ah? I tried to download but the download session expired already.

    If you don't mind, please send it to my gmail.
    Thank you x 1000! :D

    Comment by Bryan — June 1, 2006 #

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